Friday, February 06, 2015

Book Review

I think it's obvious by the lack of books that I've been watching the Oscar Nominees more than reading lately but here's the books I have been reading!

Lost Lake. I picked this book for book club this month based on Aunt Dawn's recommendation...she always has good picks...and I must admit when I read the synopsis it sounded a bit too much like chick lit for me but I really did love it! It's about a single mom who is trying to find a life for her and her daughter after she's lost her husband a year earlier. She's drawn to a childhood memory of a summer at an aunt's lake house and when she finds the property ends up forming new relationships and a possible new start. See....sounds cheesy but it was good. The characters at the lake resort remind me a lot of Steel Magnolias ladies meet Ya-ya sisterhood ladies. The only part that was a bit weird was the alligator but I can look past it. I give it an 8.5

How to Get Filthy Rich is Rising Asia. I told you that we were moving to Asia right? And were trying to get filthy rich right? Just kidding. It sounds like a self help book, but it's not. It's a fictional book written in the second person LIKE a self help book, but tells the story of a young man born into to poverty who rises above only to find out at the end of his life maybe there was a better goal to have. In the end I think the message the author is trying to convey is that there is a lot more to life than trying to get filthy rich. It's very uniquely written, but I don't know that I would recommend it. I give it a 6.

Chapter Books We've Read with Liv
The Wizard of Oz. This book was so weird. And I thought I already knew the story...which overall is basically the same as the movie, but there are lots of other characters and lands and people that aren't in the movie like Quelala and Gaylette and quadlings. There is a lot more violence, but it wasn't too disturbing as it's just told as a matter of fact "the tin man chopped his head off and chopped the other one's arm off." Not to mention the shoes are silver not ruby?! I think it's safe to say that this tale is only popular because of the movie because the book was just too weird....I guess the movie is weird too but it's a classic so it doesn't seem like it? Liv thought it was ok but got easily distracted which is how I can usually judge if she likes a book. She liked the movie more and did include Dorothy in her nightly prayers to be able to make it back to Kansas. Pretty cute.

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GmaakaMom said...

I just finished Lost Lake a couple of weeks ago. I loved the title because I love to go to Lost Lake up on Mt. Hood. I liked the book but I also found the alligator story line a bit weird.

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