Monday, February 02, 2015


You know I don't like to post things without pictures, but there's a lot going on with not many pictures to account use your imagination!

  • We've recently reorganized Liv's closet to make room for Haven's things! Ryan added some extra shelves at the top and we bought some more drawers. I went through tubs and tubs of baby items and hand-me-downs and I washed all the newborn clothes and put them away and Liv helped me sort diapers. Now I just need to figure out if we are going to have a changing table somewhere or not!
(She really enjoyed helping me sort and she only had a meltdown when she tried to squeeze into some of her old clothes that were like 2T and couldn't understand why they didn't fit anymore!)
  • I'm making progress on the Oscar movies. This week I watched The Theory of Everything and Ryan joined me for Foxcatcher. I'll have to give reviews later. 6 down and 9 more on my list to go! Charlie uses this time to cuddle with us. She's not a fan this year of the nominees obviously.
  • Friday night I went to craft night at church (really should be called snack night) and I will share my craftiness in a later post, but I worked on painting some peg figurines for a friend. Most importantly there was lots of good girly discussion and food. I will admit it was hard for me to muster up the gumption to go as I'm still having those random anxiety attacks about being around people but once I was there I had fun. There's hope for me!
  • While I was crafting Ryan had the guys over for a game night. We've had lots of game nights recently. Caverna might be my new fav board game (also formerly called Agricola), but man it takes a few hours to play!
  • On Saturday Liv managed to get Jeri to have her over for a play date ALL day! It worked out well because Jenna and I had planned to do freezer meals most of the day. (I should've planned this for about 2 or 3 weeks ago as being on my feet for very long is getting quite difficult. If I sit too long I'm in pain, if I stand too long I'm in pain, it's kind of a lose/lose situation at this point in my pregnancy) We managed to get quiche, fauxsagna, chili, quinoa bake, taco meat, chicken ring, and meatballs out of the day though. I'm hoping I can wait to cook them until after Haven is here! It helped that we did the shopping on Wednesday before a John Rex library field trip....we seriously supermarket sweeped the Commissary in less than 45 min.!
  • We got done with freezer meals in time that Ryan and I had time for a "date" before we had to pick up Liv. Our date consisted of starting to listen to the podcast Serial which I know everyone has already listened to. I'm a dummy and didn't realize it was a true story until the second episode when I was like, "the story seems more real because they use different characters to read the interviews unlike most books on tape"...Ryan said...uh it is real. Oh....I knew that. We played a game on the ipad while listening and elevating my puffy feet.
  • After we picked Liv up we celebrated a very important milestone in a young girls' life....her first viewing of the Wizard of Oz. She was brave through it all...I think....I fell asleep through most of it, of course. We had finished the chapter book recently so it was time to introduce her to the ruby slippers (in the book,however, they are silver). The book is VERY different than the movie, but I can wait for a book review post to discuss that. Liv did enjoy the book though and included Dorothy in her prayers at night, that she'd make it back to Kansas.
  • Since Ryan didn't get to physically work much on the house this weekend he did lots of online research and some photoshop computer work to see what we might like to eventually do to the outside of the house. I'll show you those options later.
  • I started going to a ladies Bible Study on Monday that my friend Amanda is leading. I'll review the book we are doing later.
  • Our SuperBowl Sunday consisted of eating lunch with our small group at Mazzio's, me having heartburn the rest of the day, crafting with Liv, playing Racko, Ryan cleaning the house, me trying to clean the house and then realizing I'm too pregnant to do anything without hurting myself and crying about this, Haven trying to escape the womb by swimming laps and stretching out as much as possible, watching Downton Abby and reading people's posts about the SuperBowl on facebook. 
  • That'll be all now. I need to start my first sleep shift because I'll have to pee, eat, and cry in about 2 hours and then repeat that every 2 hours all night long. I don't remember the last few weeks of pregnancy being this painful and emotional but Ryan seems to think I'm acting about the same as last time. I'm very thankful for him just FYI!


GmaakaMom said...

I'm glad my boy is stepping up to the plate. 5 weeks!

kmom said...

How many people usually come to the craft night at church? I'm having trouble understanding YOU having random anxiety attacks about being around people. Crowds of people at the zoo is one thing, but maybe 30 people at craft night (do more come?) is another. Maybe you are carrying an introvert. I know many odd things can be blamed on pregnancy.

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