Saturday, February 21, 2015

House Renovation: Electricity, Insulation, and Drywall Oh My!

So there was a bit of a hiatus on the home renovation front while we decided if we would be law abiding citizens or not.....and we decided to play it safe. (Fun fact: If you pull a permit, you have to bring your house up to fire codes which require smoke detectors be HARD WIRED into all bedrooms and outside ain't cheap). So we got quotes from electricians and found an amazing one through our amazing sub-contractor and he finished the job quickly, but then we had to wait on electrical inspections and framing inspections from the city. As soon as those were done Ryan went out and bought insulation and Brennon helped him get and unload lots of dry wall. And carried it all up the stairs. So now Ryan is having fun putting it all together, and that is what my hubby is doing the last weekend before we have a baby....oh yeah that date got moved up too. It'll be in a later post. 
Insulation in, no more need for those beautiful blanket coverings! And the window came out between our bedroom.
Here come the wall and ceiling!
The insulation is mainly done and he's got one sheet hung on the ceiling! Only like 25 more to go! 
 The view from the window before it's closed up. Liv loves to climb through it obviously.


kmom said...

Doing the ceiling must be hard work. Good luck, Ryan! Keep resting, Katie!

GmaakaMom said...

Boy, those pictures bring back memories of many remodels Rick has done on our houses. I remember the ceiling installation can be tricky, but with a little creative engineering it can be done without breaking your back. Good luck with that Ry. And we thank the Lord for your good friends who can be there to help.

Shawn and Becky said...

That looks so great! Nice work and good work on being law abiding. It's not always an easy choice!

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