Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Days

It was so pretty while it fell! Ryan worked from home Monday and Tuesday. Liv left school early Monday and it was cancelled Tuesday. And the snow melted as quickly as it came! Round 2 comes in this Friday but I'm hoping it's mild so my family can easily make it back and forth to the hospital.
 Don't let all the snow pics fool you...that fun lasted for a very short amount of time. Liv isn't a fan of being cold. Most of the time was spent indoors playing games, making crafts, watching TV, reading, snuggling, and playing on the ipad. Without a shirt on of course.

They are learning all about America at school and she asked if I had a flag craft....I actually did that I was saving for July but oh well! She did a great job painting this!
 Then she wanted to make a rainbow flag craft by looking on Pinterest. We found this bunting to make and hung it on the stair rail.  I drew the shapes and she cut it out and taped it on a string.
 I can't believe she'll be reading books to her sister soon! 
I'm glad we got some "family of three" time in before sister arrives, so I'm thankful for the snow days!

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Shawn and Becky said...

That is plain old crazy. Wasn't it just 70n there!?! That's the best kind of snow, fun to play in for a day, but out of the way before it effects too much of your life!

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