Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Bump: 37 Weeks

Last Monday at my Dr. appointment my pre-eclampsia symptoms were slightly worse, so my Dr. made the decision to move my due date up to 37 weeks...which means Friday...two days from Haven's birthday. Eek!! My appointment this Monday was a little better, but not enough of a difference to make her change her mind. So I asked all my questions and signed my name on papers to prepare for my c-section. It's so weird to know the EXACT date your kid is supposed to be born!
 Am I nervous? Yes. Am I excited? Yes. Am I nercited? Yes, if I'm allowed to make up words. But honestly, I'm so uncomfortable I can't imagine how I carried Liv for 4 more weeks than this! The "bed rest" has helped, but it's hard to do and even bed rest is uncomfortable at this point! And I'm not even on full bed rest, so I did try to do a few things to keep my mind off the trashy talk shows on TV each day like taking Liv to school, getting a pedicure, surprising Ryan with donuts in bed for his bday, playing games or toys with Liv whilst laying on the couch, reading a book, finishing my thank you notes, eating jelly beans and girl scout cookies, going to church, etc. Then there was a PTA meeting, tea party, and Oscar Party that helped me remember why I'm keeping my feet up, but they were worth it...well maybe not the PTA meeting.
My big ole belly's putting my tiny feet in perspective! The pedicure color was called "Suzi's Hungary Again" which seemed appropriate for a pregnant lady.
Happy 32nd birthday my love! We also made him his standard Jello cherry cheesecake and (in usual Katie fashion) I bought him a shirt that looked entirely too similar to one he already owned!
While Daddy works on the dry wall, Liv and I try to stay out of his way with games and crafts.
Our bags are packed, the car seat is installed, my parents are here, and the snow is supposed to start falling again soon, so it sounds like it's almost go time!
We can't wait to see your sweet face, Haven, and introduce you to your big sister and grandparents and friends and Charlie. As nercited as I am about the whole ordeal, I have only positive vibes about meeting you for the first time and holding you in my arms, my precious daughter!

(I definitely carried this pregnancy differently than Liv's. With her I got big all over. This time I'm pretty much all belly, and it's a good sized belly! I gained exactly the same amount of weight--granted I am delivering earlier--but some shirts I wore before don't fit at all but then the pants I wore with her fall off of me. I guess there are pros and cons to each but I'm running out of clothes to cover the belly so it's good that she'll be here soon!)


Michelle said...

Woohoo!! Can't wait to meet her!

GmaakaMom said...

We're very excited too. Bought our tickets yesterday. See you next month.

Anonymous said...

The correct term is "nervicited" as quoted from My Little Pony by Pinkie Pie. She explains it very well in the first part of the show too. I found a 20 second clip of it, here:

Congrats on the baby! Jessica Van Winkle

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