Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Happenings

Friday was Liv's party at her school. She had fun picking out the cards and writing 20 names on them. I was impressed she did it all in one sitting...I thought we'd start early because she'd get tired of so much writing but she finished them all in one day!
Much to my surprise she did not choose Princess ones but cute animals with tattoos!
It was a little crazy trying to cram a junk food fest and finding everyone's names on their mailboxes (when the kids can barely read) in about 45 minutes, but we managed to make it through without sending me into labor! 
Her teachers made the adorable juice box robot valentine and twinkie minion valentine.
That night Elle invited Liv for a sleepover (Danielle and Chris are so brave) so Ryan and I had several hours to ourselves. Thank you Shrocks! I didn't feel like doing much though so we stayed home and watched Birdman together. We both really enjoyed it. Then we organized some baby stuff and packed the hospital bags! (soooo romantic!) Saturday I let Ryan sleep in. Sadly I can't do that anymore with my bladder as Haven's personal punching bag...but I did get a lot of good reading in before we headed to lunch at Louie's on the lake.
My pregnancy nose is in full effect. Ryan found the awesome Hawaiian shirt he wore 13 years ago on our first Vday together to wear!
It was a beautiful 80 degree day in February. We picked up Liv and headed home where I got to surprise my funny Valentines with a little gift I'd gotten them each.
A better view of the classy shirt
Then we had time for some play time outside and a game night with friends. (I stole Jenna's pic) Caverna is the recent fav even though we all lose to Beezo and it takes entirely too long to set up, play, and take down, it's still so fun!
Another great Valentine's Day Weekend in the books! Excited to add a new love to our holiday plans next year!


GmaakaMom said...

I just gone done watcheing one of the random blogs that comes up at the bottom of the present blog and it just happened to be March 11, 2011. It was Olivia dancing to a song and then crying during another song. It is ADORABLE. I can't wait to watch my second Isenberg granddaughter dance her little heart out like Olivia did. Happy Valentines day to our Okie Isenbergs

kmom said...

That game looks complicated. Hope it is not. Liv looks so industrious with her valentines. The stickers and markers make it look like fun. So glad Olivia was willing to spend the night with a friend. May your family sweetness continue.

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