Thursday, February 05, 2015

We did it!!

You might remember us starting this book back in the fall. We took breaks every now and then, but we are finally done and she has earned a much anticipated trip to Chuck E. Cheese next week!
I almost laugh at the cover statement of "20 min a day" and "joy" because I'm not gonna lie...some days were not joyous and we had to call it quits because over 20 min is too long for a 5 yr old brain to concentrate. But I can't emphasize how much of a learning process it was for both of us: how to keep her motivated, seeing how she handles challenges, watching how her brain works through phonics, figuring out that hard work- while not always fun-does pay off, knowing when to push through a challenge and when to say we need a break, and seeing her develop from small words to bigger ones and being excited to write and sound out things on her own. It really has been amazing. She loves to read the beginner books Grammy got her for Xmas and shocked us when she read half of her Pinkalicious library book by herself tonight! So proud of our little reader!


kmom said...

Congratulations, Olivia!!!!! Those lessons were definitely not easy, not for a 5 year old. She definitely seemed to enjoy the writing part.

GmaakaMom said...

Good job Olivia. Grandma's proud of you. Have fun at Chuck E Cheese.

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