Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Who Are You Wearing? Oscar Party 2015

What is it about the Oscars that always makes it snow? I know the weather and the sickness going around kept a few of our ladies from attending this year, but I still think this was a pretty fantastic turnout and I'm always thrilled that my girlfriends humor me and join in this girly event with me! I won't keep you waiting any longer though, I know you wanna see the fashion!
Although everyone looked beautiful, Lauren definitely took the prize for best dressed with her bright pink bouffant ensemble that barely fit in her car and through my front door! I can even hide my big belly behind it!
She jazzed it up with a fur coat too!
The hottest trend for the night was definitely darker shades as we can see worn by the majority of the beauties here!
Most creative dress goes to Amanda. You seriously would have no idea that this is a bed sheet or duvet cover from looking at it would you?! 
Jenna channeled Lady Gaga's dish washing glove look here!
I love it when newcomers aren't scared by my enthusiasm for dressing up and watching award shows! I hope they make it a yearly tradition now too!
 I interrupt the fashion to talk about the food. So much delicious food! And so many stuck with movie themes! We had Birdman's Wings and Deviled Eggs, Lego Movie Rice Krispie Treats, Wild trail mix, Whiplash Drumstick ice cream, Virunga Chocolate Bananas, Grand Budapest's Mendel's box treats, and Boyhood's Queso. I'm sure I'm forgetting some!
We got a group shot but Danielle hadn't made it here yet. 
Benay and I boozed it up with the sparkling white grape juice.
Darian won the Oscar Bingo prize. The shock of her win brought some audience members to tears.
And although it was a close race, Benay took home the award for the Ballot.
Between awards we got to have some trivia fun, eat, gossip about the fashion and show, take pics, and play hide and seek. Can you spot Jenna?
Sommer might just win the award for most faithful fan and attendee!
This is about as close as you could get to the poufiness!
Notes on the show:
Sadly not a huge fan of NPH as host
Blown away by Lady Gaga singing Sound of Music
Also blown away by Glory performance, well deserved win
Great speeches by Eddie Redmayne, JK Simmons, Common, and Graham Moore.....and others but those stuck out most in my memory
John Travolta still a weirdo...a weirdo with a necklace
The fashion wasn't really over the top or crazy this year but here were some of my favs.
I think that wraps up this year's Academy Awards Gala!
See ya next year Oscar!!!


Chellie said...

Whoa! I know Lauren from college. Had no idea you knew her too... same with Barbie.
Looks like fun!

kmom said...

Well, when I saw Amanda dressed up on Facebook, I thought she might be wearing some window drapes or something. I refrained from saying anything in case she read my comment and it was actually her wedding dress. Great costume. Is Lauren the one you call Lolo and has 3 kids named Ben, Des, and Gwen?

Ryan and Katie said...

That's a different Lauren.

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