Thursday, March 26, 2015

Baby's First Hailstorm

Haven really is getting to experience ALL weather types before she's a month old I tell ya! Spring is here and for Oklahoma that means storms. I can't lie, I was giddy yesterday with the promise of storms and hail. I love watching the weathermen and women scramble and get excited, and I happily anticipate an evening huddled on the couch as all TV shows are pre-empted for weather coverage.
Last night didn't fail in the weather excitement category. Ryan cleaned the garage in record speed and as the hail began to fall, he got the car in just in time. I cleaned out the closet under the stairs and got bike helmets ready. Haven is already jaded by the hype and slept through most of it.
While I advised us all to stay away from windows as the hail pounded, Ryan invites Liv out onto the porch to watch it. Then he runs out to find some golfball sized stones for her to inspect and got a great video. 
Anyway I'm glad we are safe. I'm sure we have roof damage of some kind, and I never want to experience serious damage, tornadoes, or be stuck in a car again during a hailstorm (I've been there before and it was pretty traumatizing) but I am excited for this season's weather frenzy!


GmaakaMom said...

Bummer! I'm sorry I missed it. And you know I mean that. Glad you're all ok. Hope the same can be said for Rys little car.

kmom said...

I'm glad I missed it! The hype is exciting, but I want the whole bad storm thing to not happen. Glad you took a close up picture of one of your hail stones. It might come in handy for the insurance guy. Hopefully your roof didn't get much damage. Ryan doesn't need anything else to work on right now.

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