Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day in the Life

I took over the Instagram account for OKCMB the other day and for those of you who missed out, this is what it looked like....
Early morning baby feedings. Nursing essentials in background: book, ipad, water bottle, snack, burp rag, nursing pad, and lanolin.
Morning Routine: bed making, breakfast eating, Bible reading, hair brushing, and yet another baby feeding/burping. Thank goodness my mom is still here to help!
Hair and make-up made possible by this wrap: JJ Cole Agility (like the moby without all that tying). We have no plans to go anywhere today but I feel more "normal" in the postpartum days when I can shower and dress like I DO have plans!
11days old and she's experienced snow, rain, ice, and finally sunshine on the porch swing with Grammy! I think spring is finally around the corner!
I've been working on the lyrics for the next mommy viral video called "Drunk on Milk" to the tune of Beyonce's "Drunk in Love." If someone steals that idea just remember you heard it here first!
"Sleep when the baby sleeps"....trying to follow this wise advice and squeeze in a nap before big sister gets home from school. (Sleeping selfies are awkward but I really did fall asleep about 5 min after I took this)
Playing hangman and tic tac toe while we wait for daddy to get home!
Impromptu dog bath. The fur kid was stanky for way too long!
So thankful for friends bringing us of these days baby sister will let me eat with the rest of the family!
Ending the night with story time. Liv's currently loves to read a book of riddles every night!


Chellie said...

Love the song idea. Random, but I really want to do one of those parodies. I started one once and then forgot about it. Now, I can't remember what song it was supposed to go with... oh well.

Anonymous said...

Katie you look great! I need to make time to come visit you soon!!


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