Sunday, March 08, 2015

Haven's Birth Story

We awoke early Friday morning to get ready to be at the hospital by 6:15. I had surprisingly slept very well the night before. I will credit that to all the prayers going up on our behalf and the delicious Cattleman's lunch that still filled my belly. I thought we could be quiet and not wake up the rest of the house, but apparently they were excited too and Liv came down the stairs to give me a good bye hug and kiss. We arrived at the hospital and I got gowned up and stuck with my IV which is never an easy process with my veins.
The smile on my face is hiding my anxiety pretty well!
I was fairly anxious and the whole thing seemed bizarre and we just picked a day and now I was signing papers to willingly be cut open and evict my daughter from her comfy womb. What if she's too tiny? What if this was the wrong choice? What if something goes wrong during surgery? What if I don't bond with her? The nurse knew I was in a bit of a panic and was nice enough to tell me that one of the meds I would receive could cause me to have more anxiety and it did. I had a brief panic attack but calmed down soon enough thanks to my loving husband and great nurse and doctor who assured me all I was feeling was completely normal. Then the anesthesiologist came in to explain the spinal procedure to me. He looked about 19 and had a gold chain on his neck and I really wanted to ask if he'd done this before. Ryan got suited up in his hilarious onesie scrubs and then they wheeled me to the OR by myself to get my spinal.

The doctors and nurses told jokes to keep me calm in the OR and I leaned against my Dr. while the 19 year old kid poked at my spinal column. All went well and pain free and then I got the shakes again which I knew would probably happen from last time. Some women apparently just react that way to medication or stress or hormones or the combo of it all. It was super annoying and I kept biting my tongue, but it wore off after a few annoying hours. Ryan got to join me in the OR, they put the curtain up, and before I knew it my doctor asked if I was ready to see my daughter. What?!  The spinal was so much different than the epidural I had with Liv. With her I could feel everything they were doing and lots of pressure when they began to get her out. With the spinal I felt absolutely nothing so it was shock when she said it was time!
Haven Ruth Isenberg born February 27, 2015 at 9:11am. 8 pounds 21 inches long.
I heard her cry and started crying myself. They held her up for me to see and she had a head full of black hair and vernix covering her body. They quickly checked her out and she scored an 8 and 9 on the Apgar and then they started guessing how much she weighed. The doctor had guessed she'd be a low 6 before delivery, and everyone was amazed that she was 8 pounds for being only 37 weeks! I was too! Ryan cut the cord (that had already been cut) then they brought her to me to do skin to skin while they stitched me up.
I was so thankful I got to hold her right away. Not every hospital is so accommodating to allow skin-to-skin after a c-section. 
I sang her "You are My Sunshine" and was afraid I might drop her because I couldn't stop shaking, but they assured me I wouldn't. My spinal was working a little too well and my chest and arms were a bit numb so after awhile I asked them to take her because I just kept thinking I would drop her!
The nurse kindly snapped some photos for us!
Someone is blurry in all 3 so I couldn't choose which one to post!
Soon enough they were all done sewing me up and they transferred me to another bed....which was the weirdest feeling ever....and I headed back to the recovery room for a few hours. I held her the whole time in recovery and Ryan and I watched in amazement and she wriggled down and started nursing on her own right away! It was pretty fascinating to see. I was in and out of it during this time and still shaking pretty badly, but when she nursed it would ease up some and the nurse said being skin to skin would help it stop.
We enjoyed cuddling sweet Haven and staring at all her perfectness trying to decide who she looked like! Her mouth was a lot like Liv's but her hair was darker. She reminded me a lot of my niece Violet when she was a newborn.
Since I wasn't fully with it and still couldn't feel my legs we waited to have my family come up to the hospital, but Ryan called everyone to let them know she was here and doing great! We got to go up to the 5th floor around noon and we had a great view of the downtown skyline as the snow began to fall. My parents braved the slick roads and brought Liv up around 2:00 and the joy on Liv's face was pretty amazing. I hate the first shot I got of her holding her is blurry, but there are several ones following that aren't!
Such a proud big sister!
Haven got Liv a gift and Liv brought Haven a gift. She wore that big sister shirt for the next three days I think!
Grammy and Papa got to cuddle and inspect her too. She hadn't even had a bath yet!
Another granddaughter for Grammy and Papa to love!
They stayed awhile and then left to let us rest. The night nurse finally gave her her first bath and we have a great video of it I will share later. She loved it though and I couldn't believe they had to comb her hair she had so much!
The next 24 hours as my medicine wore off and I got my catheter out and learned to hobble to the bathroom and had to have help to move or do anything, I was reminded again how awesome nurses are. I do not understand why anyone would become a nurse, but I'm glad they do! Ryan was an amazing helper too. Haven had to go through lots of tests the next day: multiple bilirubin tests, hearing tests, EKG tests (she had a bit of an arrhythmia) and blood sugar tests (because she was large for her gestational age) but she passed them all and for the most part was a laid back easy baby.
Ryan held her on his "comfy couch" and she slept lots and rarely cried. They came in every few hours to check our vitals but for the most part we got decent rest.
Liv came back the next day and helped dress her in her matching sister shirt. She had made a bubble map of things to do at the hospital and one of them was eat in the cafeteria so they checked things off her list that day.
We stayed two nights and could've stayed a third, but I thought I might get better rest at home. So on Sunday we awaited discharge papers and continued to cuddle and stare at our precious new daughter!
We were ready to bust outta that joint by the time the papers finally were filled out! And I was thankful to be rid of my scratchy collection of bracelets!
We wrapped her up in her car seat and headed for home to start our lives as a family of four!!
It's taken me 9 days to write this, because I don't want to put her down! I was so worried before because of my birth experience with Liv that I might have a hard time adjusting to life after another c-section, but for the most part I feel great! Nursing and being able to rest more and not have to worry about taking care of Liv or chores or meals thanks to my parents and Ryan and awesome friends who have brought us food has made me feel very blessed these past few days. I know I will look back on these first few days with fondness and am so thankful I can relish in the stillness and beauty of these first few days with my newborn Haven!


Tarren and Erin said...

Yay! So thankful you had a better birth experience this time. You are so blessed and Haven is beautiful!

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear that this experience was so much better! She is perfect.

The Moores said...

I'm so thankful her delivery was easy on both of you. Thank you for sharing your story and for all the pictures. She is absolutely perfect!

GmaakaMom said...

This Grandma can't wait to meet her and do my own bonding with my #5 granddaughter. See you REAL soon.

Shannon said...

Glad this go around was better for all of you! And PS, does Havens shirt say "last sister ever" or "best sister ever"?

Michelle said...

So sweet!! I can't wait to come by and see her, maybe this weekend I'll have a chance!

Ryan and Katie said...

Haha Shannon it says "best sister ever" :)

Ryan and Katie said...

Haha Shannon it says "best sister ever" :)

Benay said...

So happy she's here! Loved reading this. Glad it was a smooth delivery.

Chellie said...

Congrats! Love all of the pictures. Glad everyone is doing well.

Shawn and Becky said...

She's so beautiful. I teared up at the pictures of you and her skin to skin with Ryan too. How sweet. So glad this was a good birth experience. Can't wait to meet her!

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