Friday, March 13, 2015

Meeting the Family

I couldn't post ALL the pictures of my parents and Liv meeting Haven in the birth story, but I wanted to post them here for memory's sake, so I did a separate post.
 Liv and Haven exchanged gifts. She was excited to find out Haven knew she wanted some blank color wonder paper and markers!
Smart sister.
 But she was equally as excited to show her the onesie and card that she had made her. I love Grammy's smile and that Haven's eyes are on Liv in this photo.
 Inspecting all her fingers and toes and ears and hair!
Liv got to help dress her in the shirt she picked out for her the day we found out she was a girl! 
Making the same funny faces already!

 Papa got a turn to love on his granddaughters too!
Grammy's beaming from ear to ear!

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