Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Newsletter: One Month

Professional pics by Annaleise Mitchell
Dear Haven,
Oh sweet girl, I can't believe you've been here a month! A month ago I was uncomfortably pregnant and trying to wrap my brain around having another newborn in my life, wondering what your sweet face would look like. Now we've been together a whole month and like most blessings from above, you are more wonderful than I could have imagined. 
Your birth, although at first stirred some anxious feelings inside me, was wonderful. I cried tears of joy when I saw your face and heard your cry. Even through the recovery time I was so happy to hold you and nurse you. Staring at a beautiful newborn baby never gets old. Your daddy and I took turns cuddling you in the hospital and those first few days were so precious. The snow and ice outside our window may have kept the visitors away, but I relished in the moments with just the 3 of us. And then when your big sister came to meet you, my heart was so full. She was so ready to meet you and hold you and count your toes and fingers!
Your first days at home were mainly spent with me in a recliner. You were my literal haven! We both slept a lot when you weren't eating. I didn't want to put you down at all! You forget how often newborns sleep, but much like your sister you were a VERY sleepy newborn. I had to wake you to feed you which always seems silly to do, but it was necessary until you gained your weight back! We were so blessed to have both sets of grandparents come to help us after you were born. Thanks to them I was able to focus on taking care of you and myself, and I must say without them I don't think the transition would have been as smooth. 
You were 8 pounds at birth and are about 9lbs 7 oz. now. I can tell you are growing because some of your clothes and cloth diapers are already getting snug! Plus just looking back at photos over the past month I can see you already look different...chubbier cheeks and the beginning of little thigh rolls that I love so much! It's always nice to know those hours of nursing really are making you grow into a healthy little baby!
People often comment that you look a lot like your sister as a baby and it's true, but your hair is darker, your eyes are still blue, and you have a different face shape. I thought you looked a lot different, but after looking back at pictures of Olivia you are very similar. You have the same hairline and lips. Your little billy goat soft cry is the EXACT same. And you have fussy evenings just like she did. But I will take the fussy evening and cluster feed you til your heart's content if it means sleeping through the night! 
As a younger sister there will be many times of comparison to Olivia, but please understand I know you are a different person and I will try not to have ideals or preconceived notions about your personality or love language or best discipline method for you. I look forward to getting to know you and all the special things that make you, YOU!
You do not have a crib set up anywhere yet, but you camp out in the bassinet in our room. It's the same bassinet that all the babies in the family have used and that your Papa slept in as a baby. Some nights I've been too lazy to put you back in so you join us in bed, or we go downstairs to nurse on the couch if I think your daddy needs to sleep more and you are a great cuddler. All the little noises Liv made as a baby kept me awake so we could never co-sleep, but I do just fine now!
Your sister will be an entertainer for you for years to come. I've loved seeing her adore you and look forward to more months and years of her doting on you, reading to you, playing with you (and as a younger sister, I know....bossing you around). She literally clapped her hands with glee when you joined her in the bath tub for the first time. She smothers you with kisses and wants to hold you constantly. She asks multiple times a day if we can teach you to walk yet. She's so ready for you to be more alert and active, I know the time won't fly by for her like it will for me so I am cherishing these sleepy snuggly days more than her! I know you'll be off running about with her soon enough. She often leans in close to you and says right in your ear "I'm your big sister and I love you just as much as anybody." I don't know where she got the phrase from, but I think it's pretty cute.
I do have one "bad parent confession" for this month...and technically I'm ratting your father out, but it's one for the memories! I had a Dr. appt a few days ago and your sister was at a friend's house. You came with us though since you still need me so much. Your daddy dropped me off at the entrance and then went to find a parking spot with you. He came in a few minutes later by himself. My eyes bugged out of my head and he looked at me with confusion. "The BABY????" I said as he realized his mistake and darted back to the car to get you! Whoops!! I'll blame the tiredness. I promise we love you!
We've gotten out and about quite a bit in the past few weeks. You've been to church, Liv's gymnastics and school, the science museum, the store, Bible study, and even Chuck E. Cheese! You sleep in the wrap next to me or occasionally in your carseat...if daddy's around to lug that heavy thing! I forget how much newborn babies are stranger magnets until we go out and all sorts of people will start talking to me or asking me questions or giving me the ever loved unsolicited advice!
The biggest difference in having a newborn this time around is perspective. Thanks to your older sister, I have a much better view of how fleeting these days are. I don't mind staying up with you as much, because I know all too soon you'll be sleeping in your own bed. I don't mind figuring out nursing, because I know it gets easier and you'll be feeding yourself soon. I don't mind the crying, I will rock you and snuggle you the best I can because I know you need me. I love you the way you are in this moment because I know this moment is over too quickly. This doesn't mean I'm perfect and always patient...oh no!...far from it. I will mess up hundreds of times as your mother and you will mess up too. But we will forgive, we will love, we will laugh, and we will do it all again! There are lots of ups and downs in this world and your family is here to love you and see you through them. I'm so thankful to have another daughter to join me in this life. We love you, Haven, and are glad you are here.


The Moores said...

Wow, a month already?! She is so sweet and I can't wait to meet her! (I love the picture of Liv kissing Haven's head, it looks like she's telling her a secret :) )

kmom said...


Michelle said...

So sweet! I've meant to come see you several times, but our visits have been short or full of unexpected surprises! Hopefully I'll make it over soon!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, beautiful girl!


GmaakaMom said...

So glad you've made your appearance sweet girl. Grandma loves you.

Shawn and Becky said...

I can't believe it's been a month already. How quickly it all flies by. She's so perfect and so cute. Lucky to have a great family!

lauren and brad said...

Well, that was a good cry! Kate, those words are so beautiful. I can't believe she is a month already. It really does fly, doesn't it? She is so beautiful. That story about Ryan is hilarious! Like that time I got Ben and I in the closet for the tornado and forgot Des!?!? It's so embarrassing but surely we all do it right?!?!? :) Miss you sweet friend.

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