Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sisterly Love

Two and a half weeks of cuteness from these two sisters has been fun to see. Liv really likes to hold her and put her down and hold her and put her down and hold get the idea. She's getting very good at supporting her head and has even calmed her down quite a few times when she's upset. She still seems baffled at how much she sleeps and eats, but I've assured her she will be more alert eventually, it just takes awhile.
I can tell when she's been "playing" with her by the toys she leaves by her face...
Looks like daddy was playing this game of paper dolls too!
Liv got to feed Haven her very first bottle. (She is fascinated by the breast pump. She likes to say "Mom can you punch out a bottle so I can feed her now?")
One morning Liv laid beside her in my bed and tried to copy all the movements she was doing. It was pretty cute!
She loves to give her kisses.
And play doctor with her. Need a shot in the eyeball Haven?
These two are pretty precious to watch and they fill my heart with joy!
Speaking of sisters...these two look pretty similar, especially when I put them in the same outfit on the same blanket. Can you tell which is Olivia and which is Haven?

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kmom said...

And then there was the time Ryan's 3 girls were in bed together. Olivia was supposed to be finishing getting ready for school, but she was cozy in bed with you and Haven.

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