Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Help

Ok they aren't just "help" they are family! And they did much more than help! And I'm so so so thankful they came and took care of us the first 3 weeks of Haven's life. There's just a lot of nursing and sleeping and resting that went on for me during those weeks, and it was made as easy as possible by the fact that someone was there to play with Olivia, take her to school, keep her entertained on spring break, make her pb sandwiches, and take her to the park. Then there was the dog who also got more exercise and love thanks to people being here. And my house which stayed so clean and organized with dishes washed and laundry done. And my husband who was able to go back to work sooner, although he took off some days to finish working on the HVAC and straighten our leaning garage with his dad. And then so many people brought meals to feed us that we haven't even had to bust into our freezer meal stock pile yet! And we STILL have leftovers!
We still had one more gingerbread house to build!
I was so happy that Sandy brought Rick and Mona to us so that Great Grandma could meet Haven. Precious memories!
Grandma is a pro at multi-tasking! Talking on the phone, watching Liv from the window, AND rocking a baby!
So there aren't TOO many pics (or posts over the past 3 weeks) of all the awesome help I received, because while they were having fun and fixing my house and playing and cleaning, I was able to recover and feed this kiddo! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking off work, spending gas money, buying airplane tickets, rearranging your lives, and loving us as we have transitioned into a family of 4.
I did sneak out for a movie with the family one day though! I wasn't a total lazy mess!
Yesterday was my first day on "my own" and I was a little panicked, but Liv and I managed to start working on her outside play area lots on a beautiful sunny day. I got the laundry done and beds made. Then some friends stopped by for a visit and brought more food.
Then we headed for sno-cones when daddy got home and I managed to take both girls to Liv's gymnastics by myself. I also took no pictures of these things, but I will have to get into that routine soon too as I still plan to blog! Just gotta find the right time to do all these things within our new routine. Thanks again family and friends for all the help! You are welcome to come visit any time again and I promise I won't let you work as hard next time. We love you!


GmaakaMom said...

You are so so welcome. We are very thankful we got to be there with you and bond with our new little Isenberg. Miss you all already.

kmom said...

We were so glad to be able to help. We enjoyed playing with Liv and holding Haven. Love, Papa and Grammy

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