Thursday, April 02, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Date Night

It was time for the annual Father/Daughter Night at Mayfair. Liv was thrilled that I had gotten her spring and summer clothes down that day so she had many dresses to choose from that she hadn't seen in awhile!
Her daddy even wore a tie that she had requested and they headed out while Haven and I headed out to the store. (She might have been jealous, but she really wasn't old enough to attend yet. Maybe next year Haven!)
There was a three legged race and a "Pick your dad's nose" contest and lots of food and cupcakes. Liv looks forward to this event each year and I'm thankful that Danielle puts it on for the girls and their daddios!


kmom said...

Looks like they both had fun!

GmaakaMom said...

Cutest couple there I'll bet.

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