Monday, April 20, 2015

Friday Dates with Hubby

Our weekly dates took a bit of a back burner when the house renovation was closing in on my due date, but I'm happy to say they are back and the past two weeks we have been to some delicious new (to us) places for our lunch dates. Yes we have a little sidekick joining us now, but she's usually asleep the whole time so it's still like we're alone!
We finally checked out Backdoor Bar-B-Que and were both very impressed. Barbecue is usually tasty no matter where ya go, but we both thought theirs was unique and extra delicious! I love the lighting centerpiece with the old ladder too.
Last week we headed to The Garage. Ryan got fish tacos and I got the strangest burger I'd ever seen on a menu and although I had my doubts...I loved it! It was called The Nutty Rooster and had PB, Siricha slaw, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese (basically sweet n spicy)
Then we took a stroll down to the Memorial as the 20th anniversary is this year and it had been awhile since we had visited. 
Maybe I'll up my selfie game for the next date, but I make no promises.


GmaakaMom said...

I was just reading about the bombing anniversary this morning. Katie, you are so brave to try a burger like that. Did Haven like it too with her dinner?

kmom said...

Glad you and Ryan are dating again.

Shawn and Becky said...

I'm a big fan of lunch dates while kids are in school. Reminder to me to get back on it and take some lunch dates of my own!

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