Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Pea Pod Returns

Actually I guess we returned to the pea pod! I'm raising another lab rat and exploiting my children in the name of science. There is a new clinical study being done at OU and since Liv has been involved before, we got the scoop on this one being done on breastfed babies and their mamas. Last week was our first visit and Haven and I got weighed and measured and they take a sample of breastmilk and I have to do some online surveys and we get paid! (They still need like 300+ moms so if you are pregnant and interested in the OKC area I can give you their info!) 
My blue eyed beauty while we wait
Haven did great in the pea pod and then snuggled up with the research facilitator while I did the surveys. (You can read how the pea pod works here and learn about air displacement plethysmography if interested.)
She's almost 10 pounds! I'm so happy she's starting to get rolls!
It's like a warm incubator inside.
She's only inside for about 2 minutes.
Then some more measuring with calipers and she's all done!
We get to go back every few months, so I'm sure there will be more pea pod adventures to post here!

(Liv in the pea pod and a bit older and in the bodpod)

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GmaakaMom said...

That is the cutest little "pea" since Olivia laid in that pod.

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