Friday, April 03, 2015

What Comes Before Part B???

Answer: Part-ay!!! (get it? Part I'm so funny.

Anyway, last weekend was birthday extravaganza. Liv had three friends with birthday parties and normally I probably wouldn't have been keen on going to all of them and facing the sugar overload I knew would happen, BUT Ryan needed to be working on the house (story of our lives, right?). So I thought we'd stay out of his hair and party like it was 1999.

There was a batman party, a lego party, and a Frozen ice skating party. And lots of blue icing to dye her mouth, teeth, and tongue!!
Ryan did get to join us for the Sunday party, because I wasn't sure Liv could ice skate on her own....she proved me wrong of course! Those baby geriatric walkers sure came in handy! She's already begging to go ice skating again.
And there were plenty of people willing to snuggle Haven at the parties too! 

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kmom said...

Nice way to help beginner ice skaters.

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