Friday, May 22, 2015

10 Years

We've celebrated our anniversary in Europe on a cruise ship, in Oklahoma at a Bed and Breakfast, a strange animal safari and a haunted restaurant, we've been to a yurt in Arkansas and a mountain cabin in Oregon. Our anniversary is always a fun celebration I look forward to each year. I've always said I wanted to go somewhere "big" for our 10th, but that was before I knew there would be another little baby in our lives! So big sister spent the night at a friend's house and little sister got to join us in a simple celebration of dinner at an Italian restaurant and a movie that I fell asleep through at home! But I wouldn't have it any other way because as long as I have this man by my side I don't care how we celebrate! Our anniversary is technically only one day a year but we celebrate our marriage every day in the little ways we show love to each other: taking turns with the kids, giving each other breaks, balancing out chores, putting each other first, being patient, choosing battles, and encouraging each other. We mess up a lot, but because of our commitment we forgive and work through it. I look forward to more years together and more adventures both big and small! Love you Ryan!

(We do have a family trip planned for this weekend, but we may have to take a literal rain check as the weather predictions aren't great for outdoor activities.)


GmaakaMom said...

Happy happy happy 10th and we pray God blesses you with many more. Love ya


I just love this, as I love both of you and consider it such a blessing to my life to see how you 2 work together in your marriage. I am thankful that Ryan has found such a wonderful wife, and it is just as wonderful to see Ryan as such a loving supportive husband. Some day if you guys renew your wedding vows, I want to come...since I didn't get to see the first ones (thanks to the 2 month old I had to keep outside) =) Love you both!!!

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