Thursday, May 07, 2015

Budding Gymnast

Liv's closing ceremonies for her gymnastics class season was this week and the parents were invited in to see the kids and all the things they've learned. It's always fun to see how she's improved and the unique ways the teachers there teach the various skills. I'm always impressed with the curriculum and staff at Metro. We've signed on for a summer session as well and although her buddy Elle won't be attending, her good pal Audrey plans to be in her class. We got some pics but it was hard to capture a non-blurry image when they were tumbling all over!
The arrow is on the floor but I laughed when I saw this photo because it looks like I photoshopped it in to point at Olivia!
You can see how amused Haven was by it all.
They each received a medal at the end of the night (in front of a super awkward hippo back drop!) and Liv was so proud! I'm so proud of her too!


GmaakaMom said...

Our future Olympian. Good back bend. Oh to be young and flexible again. Grandmas proud of you too sweet girl.

kmom said...

I like Liv's outfit and her dedication to her sport.

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