Saturday, May 09, 2015

Field Trip Frenzy: Part II

The second field trip was to the Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Gardens. They had a scavenger hunt to find different plants and trees. It's such a beautiful place and I'm always so amazed how they can keep the temps just right to grow all those things in one place!
Liv's class with their teacher
Haven thankfully snoozed in the wrap for both field trips!
Liv's Pre-K class
And a silly face photo with her class!
 Liv and her friend Emma 
The funnest part might've been the rain we got to walk in on the way home with 20 five-year-olds!


kmom said...

The most fun things can be so ordinary, but then not everyone gets to walk in the rain.

GmaakaMom said...

Again, Olivia makes her personal fashion statement with the red shoes. I love it.

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