Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Quail!

Liv's class recently got 20 quail eggs at school. They had an incubator and anxiously counted down the days until they hatched. All the kids planned a birthday celebration for them and as they waited their teacher helped them learn about the life cycle of a quail and other fun facts. The party was on Thursday and the kids performed a song for the parents and then we got to celebrate with cake, games, and party hats that her class worked hard on. It was a cute celebration!
Liv posing with a baby quail. They were so cute and tiny!
 Her class getting ready to perform the song for us
 Enjoying a cupcake
 Watching the kids handle the teeny quail was a bit nerve wracking. I'm hoping they survive!
This is their habitat with incubator light. Out of 20 eggs, 9 made it. The teacher will take them to live at a farm soon.
 Haven got to join in on the celebration. She was a little nervous about all the noise.
I appropriately dressed her in birdy dress for the big day.
 The parents and kids enjoying the games and balloons
 Me and my girl in celebratory party hats!


GmaakaMom said...

Haven does NOT look like she's having fun

kmom said...

I'm glad so many baby birds survived. Good experience.

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