Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Adventures

I had wanted to take a family day trip somewhere for our anniversary but the storms and flooding were putting a damper on that. We decided to chance it and head out Monday morning anyway to see how long the rains would hold off and I'm glad we did! We had an awesome day in Sulphur, OK. (You might remember Jenna and me taking the kids there last summer.) It's only about an hour south of OKC. We first stopped and got chocolate at Bedre'.
 The factory wasn't running since it was a holiday but the store was still open and the free samples were still delicious! We bought some to eat throughout the day as well. Then we ate lunch at Poor Girls Cafe' and headed towards the Chickasaw National Park. We stopped at the Bison lookout and spotted a few but they were too far away to take a photo. Last summer we briefly drove through the park and were saddened that none of the creeks or waterfalls on the map had any water in them. A man at the park told us today they'd been dry for three years because of the drought! Well thanks to this 18+ inches of water we've gotten in the past few weeks, everything was flowing and beautiful! 
I really recommend going! I didn't pack great clothes for water play but luckily my little adventurer didn't mind being in wet jeans all day! I did have the foresight to pack a change of clothes.
I'll be better prepared next time. Some of the locals were scaring me half to death diving head first off the waterfalls, but I guess it was deep enough because they kept coming back up! Liv and her daddy just walked across the tops and in the streams.
The big falls were pretty crowded so we found some quieter spots to play. 
I'm so thankful her daddy was willing to walk with her! She could not be kept away from that water even though the rocks were pretty slippery! She only had one scary fall that drenched her but she didn't float away!
They practiced skipping rocks. 
Haven and I happily watched from the shoreline. She mostly just slept in the wrap while we hiked around the trails. 
We stopped at the nature center, saw some living wildlife, saw taxidermied wildlife...explained glass eyeballs to Liv, and checked out animal trackings.
And my family humored me while the skies darkened and thunder began to rumble, as we hurriedly hiked to this beautiful spring. 
It was worth the walk!
We had just enough time to feed Haven and change Liv's clothes before the sky opened up! We had to pull over once on the way home because you couldn't see the roads, and thanks to interstate traffic jam we took a sad detour through Pauls Valley which was recently flooded very badly. All the downtown buildings had sand bags and hay bales around the doors and windows to keep the water out. We listened to the weather advisory the whole drive home, but made it home safely! I'm thankful we got to have this fun trip and I look forward to going back! Hopefully next time the trip can be longer and we can make it back to the Chickasaw Cultural Center too.
The best family selfie we could manage! Haven's under that hat!


GmaakaMom said...

I'm glad the rain didn't ruin your fun.

kmom said...

Good family fun and memories.

Shawn and Becky said...

I love places kids can walk and explore the water like that!

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