Thursday, May 28, 2015

Newsletter: 3 Months

Dear Haven,
Oh that sweet smile has appeared and it is often accompanied by "coos" and faint squeals that are starting to sound like laughter! I'm happy to say this month has definitely been a happier one for you! Your reflux seems to be fading as does the laryngomalacia symptoms. Your congestion and goopy eye is gone which I think have all contributed to a much happier little girl! You still are a bit needy in the evenings and your poor daddy looks about ready to throw the towel in sometimes when I come back from the gym, but some evenings you haven't fussed much at all! Maybe the witching hours are waning?!
We tried to weigh you on the scale the other day in our bathroom and got a reading of about 15 pounds. You are super long but until our Dr. appt next month I don't know official stats. Your 3 month cloths aren't cutting it some days and you fit well in 6 month attire and have moved up to size 2 diapers!
You continue to be an excellent sleeper. You like to take one really long nap in the day and then several short ones...preferably while nursing. At night you often will sleep from 9-6 with an occasional feeding in the middle of the night sometime. We've finally gotten you out of the swing and you are sleeping in the bassinet on an incline. You love to be swaddled and get a huge grin on you face when I start to velcro your arms in!
You like to be upright so you can look around when you are being held. You have tolerated the baby wrap well on Liv's field trips and on a hike we took last weekend. You snooze away in it. I'm ready for you to be forward facing, but your head still wobbles a bit.
Mornings are still your happiest times. You smile for hours and when your big sister comes in our room in the morning she loves to play with you and you just grin and grin at her. She will do ANYTHING to get a smile out of you! Blow bubbles, tickle you, sing you songs. When she goes to school your favorite entertainment is your little playmat. You talk to the sun and kick and wave your arms very furiously.
You have the sweetest curls in your hair which have been conditioned nicely by all the rain and humidity we've been having! It does occasionally stick up but not nearly as wildly as your sister's did. While the two of you still favor, the picture comparisons are starting to look more and more different. Your eyes are still blue and your hair is not lightening any yet. We will see what the summer sun does to it!
I'm not ready for you to go to the infant class at church but I feel it's almost time. You can't sit up yet but you do stay awake often, and are very distracting to me looking so cute in your carseat! When you start to get fussy though Sean is the go to "baby whisperer" and he likes to pace the halls with you when you get cranky.
Our routine (what little one we have) is about to change drastically as school is almost out for summer and big sister will be home every day! We have lots of fun things planned to do in the city and two trips planned to TN and OR. I hope you will prove to be a good traveler. I'm excited for some of our family to get to meet you for the first time and those special memories to be made. 
We recently visited two friends that just had babies and you looked like a giant compared to them. You are twice the size of a newborn already and it's only been 3 months! This growing up stuff is always so bittersweet. I look forward to your milestones but at the same time I just want you to stay this way a little bit longer! You light up our faces with every smile you give and are loved by each member of this family. I hope you can feel that love now and will feel it for a long time even when you've outgrown my arms. I love you my sweet Haven!


kmom said...

Katie, no matter how big she gets, precious Haven will never out grow your arms. Love, Grammy

GmaakaMom said...

This Oregon grandma can't wait to get to know you when you come visit this summer. I love you sweet girl.

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