Saturday, May 02, 2015

Phone Dump-April

I feel like I'm full of excuses for not blogging, but in all honesty...wouldn't you be too if this was your view most of the day? 
I find it so hard to put her down sometimes. 
And to be honest, Ryan fixed me up a new laptop and I'm not used to it yet, therefore editing photos from my sister's visit has been a bigger undertaking, but I'll get there soon! 
Anyway here are some shots from April I may not have shared here yet! I guess these potentially could have been posts in and of themselves but I'll let the pics do most of the talking.
Babywearing, sleeping in with my wee one, baby toes!
The many faces of Haven
Bedtime Stories, Roly Poly Season, Liv's bday card to Charlie, backyard roses in bloom!
Sleepy time, nursing time, crazy hair time, more sleepy time
Laundry vs baby, Date with Liv, Kids art at Mayfair, Haven's happy place
Baby's first trip to Seminole, Waiting for storms, Smores with Neighbors, Spider that lives in our window
First stroller ride, tree climbing, Liv learns to mow, the witching hour
Daddy-Daughter-DOTA moment, bedmate, more roses, tis the season for eggs on clearance!
 I can't believe it's already May!


GmaakaMom said...

So many great pictures. Grandma is overwhelmed.

kmom said...

I like the picture of Haven's piggies. Looking forward to kissing them again. Love, Grammy

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