Wednesday, May 13, 2015

She Gets Me

Many people posted these cards from their children on Mother's Day because kids often give funny answers. Liv's card was pretty sweet and I think she got all the answers correct (although I'd probably say grilled cheese is my fav food) What can I say...she just gets me :)
It also came home the same day as her spring picture. I need to ask that photographer how he got a REAL smile out of my girl. But then again I'm afraid to know, it probably had something to do with fart noises


GmaakaMom said...

What a sweet card from such a sweet girl. And she is such a big girl now. And so beautiful.

kmom said...

Liv gave you a very sweet card. How refreshing to have such a great school picture after the terrible one this fall. That is a great Mother's Day present.

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