Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tacketts in Town!

Man it sure was fun to watch these girls play!

When Mary Belle first arrived she couldn't take her eyes off of her crazy cousin Liv. They played in her room well past normal bedtime. When Liv accidentally knocked her over, MB cried and ran to Liv and held up her arms to her for her to pick her up and comfort her! And of course Liv was happy to pick her up and cart her around over and over and over again!

She also taught MB how to sit thisclose to the TV to watch cartoons!

Haven got some bonding time in too! Mary Belle would hold her arms out towards the baby and then mimic a rocking or cradling motion to hold her. Pretty sweet.

It wasn't ALL about the little ones. I enjoyed visiting with my seester and introducing her to her newest niece! I think she liked her.

I'm sure a baby boy will taint this sisterhood soon enough but until then...girls rule!!

And Joe and I had a good time swapping SAHM stories (well he's a SAHD but the stories are the same!) and I taught them how to put MB's hair in pigtails! So cute!

Of course the visit wasn't long enough but we should be in TN in June. Liv still cried all the way to school when we had to say good-bye. I loved spending time with my little niece too. She's so adorable and is so smart! See you soon!

And just for the record...my girls baby pics may favor their daddy's but guess who we think might just favor me a bit?? (MB in middle, Me on either side)
Which is weird considering she also looks just like her daddy!


GmaakaMom said...

She certainly does look like her aunt Katie. And that's a good thing cause her Aunt Katie is a cutie.

kmom said...

I'm glad you saw Mary Belle's sign language she has made up. The curls in the back of her head remind me of your hair at that age.

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