Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Turtle

He showed up in our yard last Friday morning and we found him on our hurried way out the door to school. I told Liv we could keep him for a few days and she could share it with her class on Monday if it was ok with her teacher. They've been learning about all sorts of animals. On Saturday we went to the library to get a book on taking care of turtles.  
Can you find him hiding?
Over the weekend Liv spent time constructing a habitat for him in the kiddie pool. We feed him salad...but NOT spinach which is harmful to turtles. She and the neighbor girls spent a lot of time watching the turtle swim and running it over from one house to the other all weekend long.
Liv has a constant need to hold and herd little animals which has always led to issues with annoyed kittens and dogs and pet owners...so the turtle is pretty awesome for this quality of hers! Unless she gets salmonella...but we are washing hands a lot! Anyway we say the days are numbered until we will release him at a park, but I am growing fond of him. She hasn't ever mentioned wanting to name him so we just call him "the turtle" and I think that's for the best!
(I say "him" but honestly we don't know its gender.)


kmom said...

I wonder what the turtle thinks about all the attention it is getting.

GmaakaMom said...

Cute, patient and low maintenance. The perfect pet (except for the salmonella).

Shawn and Becky said...

He's pretty cute . . . or she I meant :)

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