Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Discovery Park of America (AKA that space ship looking museum in the middle of a corn field)

Sometimes there's a millionaire with a lot of money and he wants to build a cool museum in the town he is from even though it's in the middle of nowhere. Enter Discovery Park of America in Union City, TN.
At least that's the way I understand it! 
Either way I'm glad he did, because we had tons of fun! The two hour drive was worth the day of enjoyment in my opinion. This place has a random assortment to offer: part science, part history, and part play. You could be here all day and not see everything...because we were and we didn't! 
If anyone wants a theological discussion about where dinosaurs are in the Bible please see Debbie Bloomingburg. She's got answers. We interpret the scriptures differently. Agree to disagree. Thankfully it's not a salvation issue.
This ginormous 3 story slide is right when you enter and lucky for us there was no line because everyone--but me--wanted to go down it! Liv and Papa had lots of fun on it. Grammy did too even though her landing wasn't as soft!
Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Sorry for posting this mom!
The play area was a huge hit with Liv. They had lots of hands on toys and costumes (all for sale in the gift shop of course!)
This sand was probably her favorite thing. It was called Sands Alive! and felt a bit like dough and sand. Pretty cool. Especially when in a claw foot tub,
Grammy does a great job of explaining the learning aspect of all the hands on activities.
I do a great job of saying "everybody come here for a picture in this mirror!"
Here we are swimming with the local fish from Reelfoot Lake
They had a lot of cars and planes on display. I told Liv this was similar to what her Uncle Mike rode in during the Vietnam War. (Sorry if that's not true Uncle Mike, all helicopters, planes, trains, and automobiles tend to look the same to me. When Ryan isn't around, Liv has to deal with my limited knowledge)
They had tons to explore outside: a cedar tree maze, pioneer village, train, old farm equipment. I liked it all except the antique hearse complete with children's coffins. Way to bring us all down Discovery Park.
When ya gotta go, ya gotta go! Double wide potties come in handy sometimes!
The stocks were like a time-out for grown-ups basically right?
You know when you're from a small town and there's that one eccentric dude who likes to take hunting trips around the world and then donate all his taxidermied animals to your town's historical log cabin museum? No? That's just here? Either way, here's a polar bear in TN. It's where JJ Abrams got the idea for that episode of Lost. 
Here's Liv enjoying the outdoors
And here she is clearly sooo over the train that doesn't even move or go anywhere and when can I EAT MY DIPPIN' DOTS AND WHY CAN'T SOMEONE CARRY ME?! This is what it's like to be 5 ya'll.
This kind artist showed helped Liv paint a butterfly.
Yep Haven was there and here is the proof! She slept or rode happily in the stroller most of the day, except for the ride home. She let us know she did not enjoy the two hour farm land tour of West TN!

Thanks Grammy and Papa for taking us, we had a great time! 
If you are ever in West TN and in need of something fun to do I would check this place out! 

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kmom said...

I enjoyed seeing and doing many things at Discovery Park. It was so interesting to be on an actual passenger train that fed people. I had seen them on TV, but it is different when you actually are in one.

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