Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dodging Balls at the Dodgers Game

David thought it would be funny to raise my anxiety level by getting tickets to a Dodgers game directly behind the dugout where all the foul balls could come flying at our heads. (They are our new team and they are more important than the Redhawks because ticket prices are much higher now. This is how much I know about baseball)  We'd been there 10 minutes and three balls had come entirely too close to our heads! Granted it was a very good way to make me pay attention to the game...because I feared for our safety! I don't know if they even make helmets for 4 month olds but I was wanting one! 
 Hurrying to take a pic before they bat again!
 Haven smiling at her big sis!
Haven was completely unaware how close she was to danger!
 It was a hot evening, but we had a good time and I'm glad Carrie got this pic so I could see the face of the man behind me who gave a running commentary of every. single. play. 
Ryan and I left early with the baby but Liv stayed til the end with her cousins which is good because that's when the Dippin' Dots and Fireworks came out!
Look who got a ball!
On Saturday they visited some friend in Edmond but when they returned we played games and then went to see the movie Inside Out. It was cute and all of us enjoyed it. Then we went to church on Sunday and they left after lunch! 
It sure was nice to have a baby whisperer/bouncer in the house!
Thanks for visiting us! We will miss you when we are in Oregon in a few weeks!
(I think this was the last time we were at a baseball game)


kmom said...

Glad Olivia got to see the Fireworks.

kmom said...

Dad pointed out to me that it looks like you took the shutters off the inside of the windows in your new playroom?

The Moores said...

Such fun visiting our Oklahoma family. Who knew a baseball game could be so stressful! Next time I'll pay more attention when choosing seats. :)

Ryan and Katie said...

No they are just open. They'll come off eventually though

kmom said...

Glad we are seeing more pictures of Haven. I think the one in her princess outfit is my favorite.

GmaakaMom said...

Great post. Grandma can't get enough of those pictures. Can't wait to hear from George about catching that ball.

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