Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Family Fun

We celebrated my sister's birthday early while in TN. It was fun to have all the girl cousins together!

Purple is her fav color and luckily Haven had an adorable purple outfit to match Aunt Amy

Look how easily Joyce is multi-tasking with two babes!

This is the portion called Babies holding Babies

I have no doubt Haven will get a turn one day. Until then she was a good sport being the youngest for now!

Grammy's pool did just fine on the days we couldn't make it to a big pool. Liv requested that it be on the driveway this time because she was VERY afraid to go in the grass because of all the cicadas. It was basically like living in the plague while we were there. Pretty creepy,
I'd never seen them with orange wings!
Papa was happy to hold Haven away from the watery mayhem
But look closely what in all the tree branches they are sitting cicadas. Gross.
Busy girls!
Mary Belle is quite the entertainer. She likes to play with the dish set at Grammy's and likes to run to any open door faster than lightning! I gave her and Liv a bath one night and in the 2 seconds after I got her out of the tub she managed to put her hand in the toilet, the trash can, and play with the toilet brush.
When she sees my camera come out she runs up and says "Cheese!"
I'm so glad Grammy saved our toys for our kids to play with!
Grammy took care of Haven's personal hygiene while we were there with bath time and manicures


kmom said...

Wading pool time with the Mary Belle and Olivia was fun to watch. I also enjoyed playing frisbee catch and play-doh with Olivia. We need a video of Haven "talking" when she is happy. The cicadas are the 13 year ones. There is also a 17 year variety. I'm not sure if that is what bothered Olivia on the ground or the sweet gum balls. Looking forward to being together again, with love, Grammy

Shannon said...

Cicadas are eeuuw! They were soooo soooooo bad and disgusting like that when we were in stl. Jack used to eat them by the dozens when he went outside then throw them up. Lovely!

GmaakaMom said...

That a smart Grammy . I wish I would have saved my kids toys. At least I have lots of Legos.

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