Thursday, June 18, 2015

FFA Member in the Making

I thought riding in the back of a truck couldn't be topped on Liv's list until we went to visit my dear old pal Jessica. Not only did she get to RIDE a tractor with Aiden's Papaw, but she also got to DRIVE it. And she's been a changed woman ever since. Talking about how she'll need a farm and a barn and animals if she's going to be a real farmer one day.
Papaw made me hand over my newborn babe for a photo op but I immediately snatched her back before they went over the hill on this dangerous piece of machinery!
And when they came back...look who took over the wheel! 
 She was so proud!
It was truly heaven for this little city girl to get a taste of a country world. She also loved running barefoot through the corn field and picking the ripe squash and cucumbers from the garden. 
Aiden and Liv pick up where they left off just like Jessica and me. They had sword fights and played in the pool most of the day. (Hence the reason they are in the garden and on tractors with their swim gear on. Unbeknownst to me, she also went to the Dollar Store with Papaw and Aiden in her swimsuit and floatie attire with no shoes on. Keepin' it classy in Milledgeville!)
Aiden asked if Liv would be in his Kindergarten class in the fall and I explained that she would be in a different school 10 hours away because we live in Oklahoma. He said "Ooooh that's why you guys never come play with me that much!"
There was no shortage of people to love on Haven. She liked to nap on Tim and saved her biggest smiles for him!
Thank you Culpeppers and Crowells! Come visit us in OKC anytime, but I can't promise there will be tractor rides and corn fields unless you come in the fall and we visit a pumpkin patch :) We do have city buses and one tall skyscraper though. Tempted???

Also just look at these two cuties from three summers ago!
My how they've grown!

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GmaakaMom said...

I guess the Kronwitter "farm" will be a little underwhelming after that experience. But they do have bunnies and chickens.

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