Friday, June 19, 2015

Hands-On Henderson

The library in Henderson was really wanting kids to touch things when I was home. They had two great events: an instrument petting zoo and touch-a-truck. Liv enjoyed them both. The first one was led by the high school band director and some of the students. They learned about families of instruments and some simple lessons about notes and beats. Then they got to see the instruments up close and Liv got to play a boomwhacker...yes that's a real thing.
Can you find Liv?
Haven wasn't into the boomwhackers but she was into cuddling with Grammy
 The next day we met Celeste and Madelynn for breakfast and then got to attend Touch-a Truck or as I liked to call it Touch-a-City-Employee or Let-Your-Child- Sit-In-Strangers-Lap-That-Isn't-Santa. Liv had a good time and got to operate more heavy machinery.
Then we got to play at Celeste's house for awhile and I got to listen to Madelynn's adorable southern accent that always makes me a bit sad that my children won't have one. And Celeste got to hold Haven

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