Saturday, June 06, 2015

House update: Carpet! Curtains! Fence!

The carpet was put in by Lowe's a few hours before Joyce and Rachel arrived last Wednesday. 
We hung curtains but decided against scrambling to get the furniture put up there. 
For now it's an empty room that we all enjoy laying on the soft carpet in! Liv especially likes to play in there and I think will be sad when it turns into the guest room. I'm hoping she'll like to play in the new play room that will be transformed downstairs! 
We got a big remnant  to cover a lot of the floor in there so maybe it will be just as fun for her but I somehow doubt it. While I'm in TN Ryan plans to work on the stair landing and maybe get the rest of the molding and doors on soon after!
A home improvement that we didn't have to pay for or do was our beautiful backyard cedar fence that our neighbor just so happened to put it. 
Isn't it gorgeous! 
One day I hope to do the east side of our fence like this but for now the back sure is pretty!

1 comment:

GmaakaMom said...

None of our flowers are coming up yet but its a beautiful fence. Thank you neighbors

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