Saturday, June 13, 2015

Little Guppy

While in TN at our friends' pool, Liv decided this was the moment she would swim without floaties.
See ya later floaties!!!
 I knew this day would come and that it would have to be on HER terms. I'm so proud of her too! It helped that the water in the McCutchen's pool came right to her chin when on her tippy toes, so she always had that as a back up if her doggy paddling arms and legs got tired...she could just put her feet down on the pool floor! She swam about half the length of the pool without stopping. She still refuses to put her face in the water, but we have come a looong way folks!
As soon as she did it she wanted to immediately run in to tell Ms. Flodine about her accomplisment! We waited until we were all done but she was proud of Olivia!
 And while big sister swam, little sister did a lot of this.....
Yes, yes I see the improper chest clip position, she's NOT in the car, calm down
 When she awoke she was happy to watch her sister and long for the day when she can swim and splash beside her.
 Until then, she's cool to lay in the shades!
And while I did enjoy the pool life with my family, I was missing my dear old buddy Erin and wishing she could be enjoying her family's pool with me. Miss you E!

(Sorry I have no pics of the actual swimming as I was in the water with her most of the time. I think I have video on my phone somewhere though! I'll upload later if I do!)


GmaakaMom said...

Way to got Olivia. Grandmas proud of you too.

Shawn and Becky said...

That's so exciting!

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