Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Liv Lately

Dear Liv,
The biggest change since our last newsletter is that you are a big sister! Haven has been in our family for 3 months now and you haven't gotten tired of her yet! You still love to hold her and play with her every day. You are helpful when she is fussy and don't mind getting burp rags or folding diapers with me. You do get jealous of the extra attention she receives at times, so I try to plan stuff for just the two of us, but as soon as we leave you say "Why can't Haven come with us?" You are anxiously awaiting the day she can join you in your room at night which I thought we'd try out in a few weeks to see how it goes. 
You are helpful with all kinds of chores around the house. We don't have any kind of list or formal system yet but you are begging to do "chore sticks in a jar" like our friends have and we are contemplating it. You ask to help with dishes, laundry, setting the table, food prep, and most excitedly...yard mowing. You are still too small to push ours but you helped daddy do the front yard one day and loved it! 
The biggest sources of fun recently (besides entertaining your sister) is the trampoline that our neighbors got and our empty finished room upstairs. If you aren't in their backyard flipping and jumping then you are upstairs in the carpeted empty space flipping and jumping. The carpet isn't as bouncy as a trampoline but you don't seem to mind! I kind of don't want to put furniture in there it's so nice! 
Because Jeri from church continues to be one of your best buddies (and she is older than your Grammy) you have continued to see no limits of age on your friendships. You constantly ask me when you can have playdates with Alice across the street, who is in her 80's, and Ms. Louise down the street who attends church with us. We have been to their houses several times but you want them to invite you over for a playdate and I'm not sure they are up for it I'm and not sure how to explain it to you so we just go visit them occasionally and I hope that satisfies you!
You seem to be in a constant state of silliness at this age. Potty talk still is the biggest source of laughter. I usually can't get any kind of direct answers from you about what happens in your day at school (I just end up asking Noah). You can't seem to sit still at meal times or reading at bedtimes. I've tried to cut the sweets off until the weekend to see if it helps at all but I'm not sure it is. It can be frustrating at times, especially when meeting new people or going to public places where I think you should be a little less silly, but I guess it's just the age you're at and your personality. Your friends seem to act the same way too  
Some sad news we've been dealing with is the fact that Noah is moving about 7 hours away this summer. He's been your best buddy for awhile now and the fact that he won't be 2 blocks away, or in your class at school every day is hard to understand. We still have the summer fun ahead of us and he will be back to visit and it's hopefully for only 2 years, but it's still no fun to think about. Luckily if you are feeling blue about it, I'm right there with ya as Jenna is one of my best buddies too so we can mourn together. 
You have really taken off with your reading lately. Of course it's always better if the reading is YOUR idea and YOU initiate it, but we've been trying to incorporate you reading one of the books at bed time every night. I'm always impressed at what long words you breeze through and then come to a "the" or "cat" and have trouble with it! You love to get out your craft box and write our families' names over and over and over again. I find these pieces of paper all over the house.
It's been raining a lot lately but when the weather is nice you love to ride your bike a short distance in our neighborhood. When I walk with you, we usually go to the gazebo and you love to climb the trees there and collect helicopter leaves. Now that daddy recently got a bike I'm looking forward to the two of you riding together. You are excited to take your bikes to OC's campus or the lake for a test drive but you might have to practice riding longer distances in our hood first!
This summer I plan to work on learning to tie shoes with you, learning your address and phone number, and going over some sight words your teacher plans to send home. Other than that she says you are far ahead of the curve for your age group so we will just learn through exploration this summer. You are missing your last few days of school because of our trip to TN but you don't seem to mind...you also don't know what all activities you are missing but we will keep it that way. Even though when asked you will usually say you don't like school, from what I have observed you seem to have a fondness for your friends and teachers there, and have a lot of fun learning and experiencing things in your classroom. Kindergarten will be here before we know it but I hope we can make the summer last!
We recently handed out the last of the bags we made for the homeless people a few months ago. I let you hand it to a lady out of the window and she thanked you over and over again. When we drove on you asked "Why can't we just let her stay at our house since she doesn't have a home?" I tried to explain that I didn't think it would be wise to let a stranger stay at our house because I didn't feel safe doing that. You replied "But we know she is a good person because she said thank you." I told you manners were good to have but manners aren't enough to trust someone to stay at our house, but I wish I had your innocent heart. I wish I could see the world through your eyes. You remind me at your tender age of 5 years old to see the good in people, to be silly sometimes, to be friends with people in all stages of life, to use my imagination, and to stay young at heart. I love you sweet girl!


kmom said...

I'm looking forward to spending time with Liv. Maybe the "older" ladies would prefer to come to a play date at your house, one at at time, where they can play a game with Liv or some other activity or group of activities you and Liv have selected. Then you would be around to help. Love, Grammy

GmaakaMom said...

Will I still recognize you when you come to Oregon next month? Such a sweet, beautiful, bright girl. Grandma sure loves you.

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