Sunday, June 07, 2015

Mother/Daughter Spa Night

Last Friday night I got to take my two precious girls to the Mother/Daughter Spa night at Mayfair. We came up with our coordinating outfits about 5 minutes before we left. I let Liv do most of the choosing and we came up with some patriotic outfits in red, white, and blue!
After we ate some delicious food, there was a fashion show, a photo booth, and some spa items to pamper each other with.
Needless to say the cucumbers were a big hit! 
We also got to do a craft and decorate a little mirror.
For the photo booth we wrote down reasons we loved each other. Liv wrote she loves my hair :)
Ms. Donna was nice to hold Haven so I could help Liv paint her nails with "paint nolish" as she calls it!
We are so thrilled to have so many great mommies and daughters in our church family! Thanks for your hard work Danielle in planning this!

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