Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Newsletter: 4 Months

Dear Haven,
Our summer is off to a great start and you are down for the adventures come what may! Well, it's not like you really get a say in the matter, but your good attitude let's me know you don't mind too much! We kicked off the summer escapades with a road trip to TN. It was your first loooong car ride and you did ok. There was quite a bit of crying and on the way down I will admit to breaking the law and getting you out to nurse on the interstate. I blame it entirely on the fact that you won't take a paci that easily, so you don't have a good way to self soothe. You have discovered your thumb since then and will use it on occasion, but nothing beats nursing which is your favorite comforter and it shows in your growth!
Whenever you pull your dress up like in the picture below Liv pulls it down and says "Be a lady, Haven!"
At your four month check up yesterday you were 15 lbs 4 oz (83%) and 26 inches long (96%). You've got the rolls and dimples to prove it and you are fitting in 6-9 month clothes, and size 3 diapers seems to go better around those chunky adorable thighs! Your sister was an old pro at the doctors and put all your nerves at ease. 
You are doing all the things a 4 month old baby is supposed to do and meeting all those milestones. You are still smiliest in the morning. You love to coo and babble at your playmat and at people if they will talk to you one on one. You are most talkative to daddy when he gets home from work and swings with you on the porch. You even gave us two evenings in a row of belly laughs. Once when mommy kept singing you a song and the other when daddy kept burping. You've rolled over from your back to your front. And you are reaching and grasping things with your hands. You are learning to sit with help of your bumbo but your chunky thighs get stuck sometimes and it's quite hard to get you in and out! All these new tasks wear you out and you usually sleep a good 8 hour stretch at night!
I'm not sure who loves to dress you up more: me or your sister. I usually let her pick out your clothes for the day...which is why you are sometimes in a Disney princess outfit. But on the days I pick, I love finding a treasure you haven't worn yet like the adorable vintage romper from cousin Bonnie. It's so sad you only get to wear most outfits once, but I try to put you in my favorites a few times before putting them in the outgrown pile!
When we got back from TN you upgraded into a room with your big sister. We set up the pack-n-play (for now, we do still have a crib) and it has worked out well for most nights. Some nights you are still fussy pretty late so you wind up in our bed or the bassinet, which you are almost too long for. She loves having you in there even though she is usually asleep when you join her. I've been trying to let her hold you more with supervision and she would tote you around all day if I'd let her and if her arms were strong enough. Even when I think she is annoying you, you often give her the biggest grins and you are always searching the room for your big sis!
You've moved on up to the nursery class at church and seemed to have a good time with Ms Debbie, Reese, and Lillian last Sunday. Wednesday night was a different story as it is late and you are fussier then, but you held out for a long while before they had to come get me. I'm so thankful Annaleise took this picture in class so I could see the fun you are having while you learn Bible songs. I know I will blink and you babies will be running around the church together soon enough!
We have absolutely no routine to our days right now. It's summer and that's just the nature of the beast. For the most part you nap wherever we go in the car or the stroller or wrap, but there are days when I think you need a break so we try to stay at home more so you can rest or not be in the heat and sun. We go to gymnastics, the museum, the store, and playdates. You've done well at both White Water Bay and Frontier City despite the heat. I keep you cool with occasional dips in the water, sitting in the shade, rinsing your hat off in cold water and I recently got a little battery fan that I can clip to your stroller. 
Your hair is still dark and instead of losing it like many babies do, it's getting thicker and longer. I even got the teeniest and cutest piggytails in it the other day! Your bald samurai patch is even starting to fill it better.
We don't have many nicknames for you although I do occasionally call you Havy but I kind of kick myself when I do because I don't particularly like it. I call you sister bear a lot, but Liv gets mad and says she is sister bear and you are baby bear. So for now unless a great nickname comes along you are usually just Haven!
There were a lot of people that jokingly said I wasn't really a mother of two while your sister was in school. I was a bit nervous as to how we would navigate our days and if you would do well going along with all of our summer activities. But I don't look at you as some sort of burden to our plans. You are part of them! I wouldn't dream of doing any of them without you! I am so happy to be a mother of two and honestly am having a hard time remembering life without you my precious girl. I know I'm not the only one in this family who feels that way too! We love you sweet Haven!


kmom said...

You have some sweet pictures of Haven, I especially like the one of her in the princess outfit.

GmaakaMom said...

Sooooo precious. Thank you for doing these blogs so I can keep us my sweet girls.

Anonymous said...

hi...this is aunt debby
are you coming to reunion?
I have a gift for haven but didn't get it mailed so brought it to give to you.
Then I saw you were going to be in oregon in a couple of weeks so wondered...
If you will send me your address I would appreciate it.....Thanks
Love your blog!

Ryan and Katie said...

I sent you a message on Facebook Aunt Debby

Shawn and Becky said...

Super cute pictures. Love that Liv makes sure she's a lady!

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