Monday, June 01, 2015

Phone Dump-May

Here is my phone dump from the past month for those who aren't on other social medias!
Porch Swinging, trying to kick the soda habit with flavored seltzer, pinterest idea shopping, gym time with new shoes
Haven has found her thumb and is quite fond of it!
Haven and Sean, Noah demonstrates how to use a Chinese fan that Grandma sent Liv, sleepy baby, Friday date at Whisky Cake!

Family story time...even Charlie joins in, curly hair after bath, someone fell asleep during bedtime stories, Liv looking grown in her car seat
playmat time is happy time, Haven giving me the stink eye, play date with Nora, sister kisses
Its easy to see this family loves the littlest member!


GmaakaMom said...

That love extends all the way to the Oregon contingent of the family. Olivia does look very grown up and so beautiful. Hugs and kisses to those sweet girls from Grandma.

kmom said...

Enjoyed the pictures from your everyday life.

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