Friday, June 26, 2015

The Cousins Came to Town

We got back from TN on a Saturday and then on Thursday the Moores arrived! Remember we bumped into them in TN for a brief moment on their whirlwind road trip across America. But we got to spend a whole weekend with them and they were the first people to stay in our guest room! (pics of that to come later) When Ryan got off work Friday we headed down to the Myriad Gardens for some fun in the sun. It was hot but they managed to find ways to stay cool.
I'm so glad these cousins can pick up right where they left off!
Haven was having fun in the shade in her stroller.
They dried off on the playground and Liv ran into one of her classmates there. We parked near her school so she got to show the cousins where she goes.
 Dads being dads
 George is getting soooo tall!
 And no visit to our house can be complete without a trip to Shimmers!!
Liv's favorite flavor has moved on this year from Frozen to Rainbow.
 Alice brought her horses along and reminded Liv that she had some too! There was some very dramatic horse play happening in the play room...we overheard one was a prophet and was getting baptized.
And because I love a good flashback see how much they've changed in two summers!


The Moores said...

Oh my goodness! I went back and looked at your post from 2 years ago...Those girls were soooooo cute. How did they get so big in just 2 years? I want my baby back!

GmaakaMom said...

My heart just wants to burst with joy when I see all those cousins together having so much fun and making memories.

kmom said...

Glad Olivia and Alice enjoy playing together.

Shawn and Becky said...

Love fun family visits!!

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