Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Uncle Joe Wins...your move Troy and David....

(My TN posts are not in any kind of order, I just am posting the ones whose photos I get to editing first!)
I don't think I mentioned it before, but when the softball world series ended we (me, Haven, and Liv) hitched a ride with my aunt and cousin back to TN for a week. Liv missed the last 2 days of school, but no one cared. It's Pre-k.

The first full day we were in town Uncle Joe was so kind to voluntarily take Liv fishing AND swimming in Selmer and then back to his house for a campout with Aunt Amy in the back yard. They made it all night in that tent during rain and thunder. I think the highlight of the trip was getting to ride from the house down to the pond in the back of a pick up truck. She's only been asking her whole life to do that! Joe wins even more points because he documented all the fun they were having so I wouldn't feel left out! 
She got to fish with his cousin's daughter Emma. Liv didn't catch anything but Emma did!
I'm sure she taught MB some good habits at lunch.
She got to swim with Joe's nephew Stephen.
And no campout is complete without smores!
Thank you thank you thank you Aunt Amy and Uncle Joe. You made this little girl's day!

And while Liv was having fun with her aunt and uncle, I was helping my dad with flowers for a wedding. He's quite the wedding planner you know. This is at least his 4th that I know of. I think he needs to quit that Optometry nonsense and just do wedding planning full time!
I stole this pic from Becky Welch. Not too bad for my first bouquets!
I did the bridesmaids bouquets and table centerpieces. Luckily the church is about a 2 minute drive from their house so Grammy just called me whenever Haven got hungry and I drove home to feed her and then drove back. I think that sums up the first 48 hours we were in TN!


GmaakaMom said...

Nothing like throwing down the gauntlet! Let's see what ya got David and Troy.

okcowgirl421 said...

Oh my gosh - I totally had that Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag! My mom still has it at her house!!

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