Monday, July 06, 2015

A Twist on the Lake Trip

Sometimes we have summer plans and the Oklahoma torrential rains thwart those plans, but we still manage to have fun! Thanks to the downpour we received in May and June, our lakes are filled for the first time in year. But they are filled a little too high. We planned to go to the Lake Eufala house with the Schatzels, but the lake had risen 14 feet (almost to their back door!) and was too muddy and full of snakes to swim in. You couldn't even launch the boat, and so we decided since we'd just be hanging out at the house, we could save the gas money and just stay at their house in Seminole! 
I don't think the kids missed the beach or water too much. They were having fun with gators, chickens, cows, slip n slides, smores, and trips to Gaga's
Liv did about 100 laps around the house until the battery ran dead!
We started off with a level slip n slide but that wasn't fun or fast enough so we amped up the injury percentage by adding ANOTHER slide and a hill for extra grass burn.
We learned how to play Carcassone and enjoyed Ticket to Ride now that Ben is old enough to play. 
The little ones cracked me up crowding around tiny screens to watch shows and movies.
I love the view from their porch and I enjoyed some peace and quiet there in the mornings...
....until these two woke up and found me!
Haven enjoyed all the extra time with her daddy who usually is working on a project on the weekends...not this time!
Ben and Des hadn't met Haven yet and were so sweet with her. They are old pros when it comes to loving little girls thank to G!
 We stayed up so late every night chatting the hours away, you know that kind of talking when you're falling asleep in between sentences? Sorry Lo! But it made for some good sleeping-in in the morning!
Ryan took his mountain bike with us so he could check out a trail near Seminole at St. Crispin's. He took some shots of the pretty views to share with me....
I miss this lady sooo much but it does my heart good to know we can pick up where we left off and our kids can too! Thanks for hosting us and being willing to go with the flow!


GmaakaMom said...

I've always loved slip n slides. Dad wasn't a fan because they aren't good for the grass underneath.

kmom said...

Looks like everyone had loads of fun. Great picture of Haven being held up near her daddy's shoulder.

Shawn and Becky said...

So fun . . . love old friends and kid friends!

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