Friday, July 10, 2015

Curio City at the Science Museum

We have been enjoying a lot of outdoor activities, but I didn't want to neglect our science museum pass. So we headed there last week with the Breningers. They've been doing a lot of renovating so we had to check out the new Curio City exhibit. It was truly amazing. Like something at Disney World amazing. It feels like it doubles the size of the museum which was already large. I think we were in the new part for over 2 hours and didn't even experience all of it! I tried to snap some pics but the lighting and my camera phone didn't do it justice. Definitely a must for this summer's bucket list if you have kiddos!!
This is a 5 story playground thing that was awesome...and wouldn't fit in one picture! Parents can even go on it with their kids or sit on the benches while their little ones play in an enclosed area. The fun house at the end had us all laughing and possible falling over and/or leaning against the walls for support!
 See what I mean about weird lighting. Makes it hard for good pics but I'm sure we will be back!
 The new area has a carnival theme to it. Liv was much better than me at balancing!
 And we still visited the old exhibits too! 
 Future profile pic?
Liv's favorite thing currently is the spinning sand tables. I'm trying to figure out if I could make one at home with a lazy susan in our sand box...of course then she'd probably never play with it!
Haven had fun at the museum too!
She appreciated the new nursing room with comfy rocking chairs!

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kmom said...

It is a joy to see Haven smiling. I guess she really liked the science museum, especially since it is well air conditioned.

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