Sunday, July 05, 2015

Happy Birthday America!

To celebrate the 4th of July we checked out a park we'd never been to before yesterday morning, even Ryan found something to play on. 
 Then our neighborhood was having an ice cream social at the gazebo so we went to that and Liv had fun with the neighbor kids playing in the water hose.
Haven just tried to stay cool in the shade
We just watched the bike parade, which I was glad for since some kids were going way too fast and we watched one take a pretty nasty spill over his handlebars. It was a good lesson in why we wear helmets. I think he will be ok. Just had a lot of nasty road rash. 
The line up was pretty impressive!
She enjoyed watching the smoke bombs, poppers, and snakes that some of the other kids and dads had. Just imagine about a dozen kids all saying "The street is pooping!" over and over again. It's so patriotic.
We watched the Capitol 4th on TV and let those be our fireworks for the evening. I thought we might be able to see the Bricktown ones from our porch, but we couldn't. I did hear them however going off at all hours of the night!
My little firecrackers!

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kmom said...

Liv's sunglasses are so unique!

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