Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oregon Trail: Around Newberg

Although Newberg has grown a lot in the past several years, the downtown part of it still feels like a small town...at least to me...who visits once a year. So what do I know? Ryan's parents live on Main Street so all the downtown things are within walking distance and we walk to many fun spots when we are there!

For instance the pet shop, Critter Cabana, is a fav. Liv loves nothing more than to snuggle all the furry creatures with her cousins, who are experts at opening the cages and providing fun facts about the animals.
Puppies, rabbits, and ferrets oh my! Liv's eyes say it all! ha!
Even Haven got to pet a puppy!
 All the libraries must have got together and discussed summer programs because much like Henderson, the Newberg library had a music education day.
The kids got to actually try the instruments out and Liv did very well at the euphonium! You can tell by the look on the teacher's face!
Liv found a recorder at grandma's and tried to use her new skills to soothe her little sister.
Another day we walked to the splash pad at the park in town.
The moms and babies watched from the shade!
The cousins love to geocache and we found a few within walking distance of Kelsey's house so we taught Paisley and Boston the fine art!
And no visit is complete without a coffee break. Mona took us all to her new fav place called Coffee Cat. The kids enjoyed playing games and puzzles while we waited for our snacks.
Mona in her element.
On Sunday afternoon Ryan and I checked out Champoeg park which I'd never been to in all the times I've been to Oregon. It's a cool state park on the Wilamette that pays homage to the ghost town that was there in the mid 1800's but was flooded and abandoned.
You can tell Ryan is a real Oregonian because he blends in so well with the pioneers!

The field of wheat has street markers that show how the town was layed out. You can still see the places in the riverbanks where the steamboats unloaded. This tree is marked with the comparative flood levels.
We found some geocaches and walked around, but it was very hot that day!

One day all the cousins (except the Moores who weren't there yet) went to Safari Sams....which is not in Newberg but close enough! It's the huge indoor play place where Liv broke her arm the first time. She remembered the aparatus she broke it on and told me she was extra careful!
Haven and Afton were happy to sit with us and watch the big kids run amok!
Up next....our trip to the beach!


kmom said...

It's good to see your Oregon activities.

GmaakaMom said...

It was all so much fun. Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane with you. And yes, I do love my coffee.

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