Sunday, July 26, 2015

Oregon Trail: Baby's First Flight

We thought we'd save some money and fly Spirit air to Oregon. As long as you know what you are getting into then we recommend them...but read ALL the fine print or you could be paying for your carry ons and printed boarding passes. The only issue for us was that Spirit air doesn't fly out of OKC, but that was ok because we got to visit Good Ole Sal at the Pinon Palace. Sadly I didn't get many pics of our visit with them but we had fun catching up!
Sally was impressed with Haven's ability to just put herself to sleep in the middle of the floor. I am continually impressed with this skill too!
We headed to the airport at lunch time and Haven did great being carried around in the wrap.
Let's try that selfie with a little less drool, Haven
We had a straight flight to Portland with no layovers which was nice except for that mechanical malfunction that required us to sit on the plane an extra hour and a half. Both girls did great though. Liv played with ponies and watched things on the ipad and Haven mostly napped.
No tears or troubles! The plane ride home was a different story, but it was super late at night so I'll chock it up to that!
Saying farewell to the iconic PDX carpet. Next time we are there they will probably be done replacing it. I'll miss this dated welcome to Oregon, but the new stuff tried its best to pay homage to its predecessor!
More Oregon posts to come!


kmom said...

Glad the trip there went well. Sorry you had a rough time coming home. Glad you had a great time in Oregon.

GmaakaMom said...

If that's the new stuff, it looks an awful lot like the old stuff. Come back soon so I have a reason to go to the airport please and see the new stuff.

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