Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oregon Trail: The Coast

Liv had only been begging for Grandpa to take us somewhere in the RV since the moment we arrived at their house. She even asked if we could drive it to the groery store one day...which is literally across the street from their house. On Saturday her wildest dreams came true and we loaded up in the RV for a trip to the coast
Our first stop was to eat lunch at Surfrider. The girls enjoyed looking out at the horizon with the binoculars. It was a typical dreary day at the coast but there were still lots of boats out to watch.
 After lunch we headed down to Foggerty Creek where you get the best of both worlds. Sand, ocean, creek, and rocks to climb on. Even though we were all bundled up in coats, the girls had no fear in jumping in to the coooold waters.
All of us old folks just took pics of the girls having fun
I did get my feet in. It wasn't freezing but I definitely did not want to get any further in!
Haven was not a huge fan of the chilly coast, but she will learn!
Fred didn't seem to mind though!
We spent some time exploring the area. Rick had his metal detector out in full force but I don't think he found any treasure that day. The girls found some anemones to touch. Liv was fascinated with them.
Hills behind us....turn 180 degrees....ocean behind us!

How Haven spent most of the day.....
Nursing on the beach.
The cold was finally hitting the kids in their soaked clothes and it started to rain harder, so we packed up and headed back to the RV for dry clothes, snacks, and some souvenir shopping. 
Liv might have enjoyed the RV more than the beach! She is very excited to ride all the way to Branson in it in a few weeks!


GmaakaMom said...

And I can't wait to get to OKC and continue the RV adventure with my sweet girls.

kmom said...

Interesting picture: Mona in her winter jacket with fur-lined hood and the girls in short sleeves and bare feet. Haven looked so happy to be back in that warm RV.

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