Monday, July 27, 2015

Oregon Trail: The Fam

Get ready for lots of pics!
I could probably just call this post "People Holding Haven." Since this was many people's first time to meet her, and because she's so snuggly and cute, there was no shortage of people to love on her during our trip. Even my nieces and nephews are old enough to hold her so they had to stand in line amongst grandparents and aunts to get their turn!
Ok enough of that adorable baby....there's other people in the family too! Like Corey....picking slivers out of his dad's feet. Ew.
Ok gross, back to the cute kids, and dogs. Fred the dog was having some skin issues so she was either in a cone or baby jammies the whole time. Haven and her often got ready for bed together.
There's really never a shortage of friends to play with when you have so many cousins around!

Originally when we planned this trip we thought we wouldn't get to see Carrie's family and that Laura would be leaving a few days after we got there, but plans changed and it worked out where we could all be together. You can just feel the love in this sibling pic :)
When the cousins got tired of using their imaginations there were electronics to keep them entertained. Silly selfies for the girls....
...And games for the boys!
One day we visited Grandpa's headstone and talked about memories of him before we sent balloons off to heaven. That cemetery has one beautiful view!
Ok now back to more pics of people holding Haven. 
These necklaces were a huge hit. The girls found ways to play with them all week. Some even came home with us in Liv's backpack. 
Haven even got in on the bedazzling action.
Liv was never far away, ready to whisk her sister back into her arms.
Up next: Fun in and around Newberg!


GmaakaMom said...

What a great walk down memory lane. Missing you guys.

kmom said...

good picture of Alice and Olivia eating watermelon.

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