Thursday, July 02, 2015

Phone Dump - June '15

Here are the things I'm excelling at this summer: having fun with my kiddos

Here are the things I'm letting slide: everything else.

I'm trying to be ok with it because the summer is halfway over already and I get very sad when I think of Liv going back to school in 4 weeks. Occasionally, I have the guilts though that I have no groceries, no meals planned, no Friday dates with hubby, laundry piles everywhere, and some greasy hair that rarely gets done. But I know August will be here soon and a routine will be back in our midst, so I'm trying to be ok with the chaos for now because it means I'm making memories with my family!

Anyway today is officially "Blog Catch Up Day" because today my oldest one is having fun at Jeri's house and I might even get some house work done with a shower to boot! Here are the pics from June that I don't think will be in an upcoming post!
Bubble blowing piggytails, sweet smiles, playing in the Bumbo, and morning stretches
Sister hugs, play glasses from Papa, the Barbie that Liv thinks is haunted, pool life
Happy Haven, playmat time, snuggling with grandparents, sleepy girl


GmaakaMom said...

Gotta love those phone dumps

kmom said...

Haven has such a sweet smile. All these years, and I never noticed until you pointed it out and I checked on my own, that my Barbie has a defective eye.

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